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Truck accidents can cause devastating consequences, often resulting in significant injury or fatalities. In available data from 2020, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety reported 75 fatal truck-tractor crashes and 36 fatal “other truck” crashes in South Carolina. Knowing the common causes of these accidents can help keep you safer on the roads.

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Why Trucks Are So Dangerous

Trucks have a number of characteristics that make accidents with them particularly dangerous.

  1. Size: As large vehicles, trucks can cause significant damage to smaller vehicles and their occupants in a collision.
  2. Weight: As a consequence of their larger size and due often to carrying significant cargo loads, trucks are also extremely heavy. A smaller vehicle is at a significant disadvantage in a crash with a truck, as it is far more likely to be crushed or spun some distance by the truck’s force.
  3. Inability to brake quickly: With a heavier mass, trucks require a larger stopping distance and time to bring the vehicle to a halt. They are therefore unable to respond as promptly to upcoming or unexpected hazards.
  4. Blind Spots: Trucks also have a number of blind spots, including directly below the front of the truck, at the back, and certain areas down the sides. A truck driver is not aware of the motorist’s presence in their blind spots and is more likely to collide with them.

Common Types of Truck Accidents

Certain types of truck accidents occur most frequently. These include:

T-boning: T-boning is where the front of a vehicle crashes into the side of another one, generally at intersections. This is a common type of accident for all vehicles, and trucks are no exception.

Rollovers: Trucks are highly prone to rollovers, particularly where high speed, corners, and heavy cargo are combined.

Jackknife: Jackknifing is where the truck’s trailer swings in a different direction from the main cab. This can happen when a truck suddenly brakes at high speed, putting the truck into a v-like shape and often leading to a collision or rollover.

Rear-ending: As trucks require more distance and time to stop, rear-ending vehicles in front of them is another common type of collision involving trucks.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Although an accident can occur for many reasons, truck accidents are often the result of certain factors. These include:

Inexperienced drivers: Many new or poorly trained drivers are not used to how trucks move, how to best handle corners, and how much space is required to stop the truck at different speeds, making them more prone to causing collisions.

Driver fatigue: Truck drivers often drive long distances under time restraints, making them some of the most fatigued road users. Tired drivers have slower reaction times, impaired judgment, and risk falling asleep on the road.

Mechanical issues: As trucks have many components, poorly maintained or poorly inspected parts can cause mechanical issues or malfunctions that cause a collision, something particularly common with tires or brakes.

Why a Good Lawyer Matters

If you are involved in a truck collision and the truck driver is at fault, a skilled lawyer is crucial to establishing responsibility, negotiating a fair settlement, or pursuing your right to compensation in trial.

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