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$2,000,000 Car Accident

The case details are confidential for this accident case.

$130,000 Trip and Fall From Improper Curb Height

Client was walking into a store, when he tripped on a sidewalk, injuring his shoulder. His medical bills were $45,000. The defendant denied any responsibility, so Allen Law hired an engineering expert to prove the curb height violated the applicable Building Code.

$650,000 Injury at Marina From Defective Chair

Client went to a concert at a marina. When she leaned back in a chair, it broke causing a severe neck injury. Allen Law was able to discover that the chairs at this marina had a prior history of breaking and was able to negotiate a settlement.

$112,500 Car Accident

Client was involved in an altercation was struck by a vehicle. The defendant and insurance company had previously denied any responsibility for hitting the client and any injury.

$98,500 Boating Injury Case

Child client was riding on an inter tube when they were tossed in the air, causing client to lose a tooth. Case was settled before any lawsuit was filed.

$100,000 Trip and Fall From Improper Stair Height

Client was walking down stairs from the front porch of a house, when he tripped, injuring his ankle. Although the insurance company initially denied any responsibility, Allen Law retained an expert on the applicable Building Code. We successfully obtained the full insurance coverage amounts.

$90,000 Trip and Fall

Elderly client was walking in a convenience store parking lot, when she tripped on a lip between the concrete and asphalt. Allen Law relied on past experience in premises liability cases in using ASTM standards to establish the height difference violated the safety standard. Her medical bills were $19,000.

$225,000 Car Accident

$110,000 False Arrest

Client was arrested for a warrant and held overnight in jail. After filing a lawsuit and discovering the truth through depositions and discovery, Allen Law proved that the underlying investigation was improper.

$401,213 Construction Defect Case

Client discovered uneven floors at their newly built waterfront home. By retaining engineering experts and experienced contractors, Allen Law was able to demonstrate numerous building Code deficiencies and violations of manufacturer specifications related to framing. Case settled at mediation.

$130,000 Car Accident with Horse

$375,000 Dog Bite Case

Young client was at a neighbor’s house, when their dog bit her lip. Allen Law

$170,000 Product Defect Case

Client was working on a construction site, when a piece of equipment struck him causing a neck injury. Unfortunately, the product had been lost before Allen Law was hired. With use of an engineering expert and good investigation, the firm was able to secure a settlement for the injured worker.

$57,500 False Arrest/Defamation

$300,000 Car Accident

Client was driving on I-26, when another driver struck her vehicle, causing it to roll over. Client suffered a concussion.

$60,000 Construction Contract Dispute

$125,000 Car Accident

$63,300 Funeral Home Desecration

$168,000 Construction Defect Case

$59,318 Elevator Case

5 year old girl was touring a listed home for sale, when she opened a door that led to an open elevator shaft. Fortunately, her injuries were limited to a broken arm, which did not require surgery. Allen Law investigated the proper parties and negotiated a settlement that will fund her college.

$175,000 Car Accident

$80,000 Civil Rights Case (excessive force)

The case details are confidential for this case.

$225,000 Overservice by Bar

Taxi driver client was taking a bar patron home from a bar. After arriving at the patron’s home, a disagreement ensued and the patron shot and killed the client. Allen Law brought a lawsuit against the bar for over serving the patron. Case settled at mediation.