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Serious Legal Help for Serious Spinal Injuries in Charleston

Spinal cord injuries are often life-changing. Whether the injury was caused by accident or intentionally by another party, the South Carolina spinal cord attorneys at Allen Law are ready to represent you and fight for fair, long-term compensation. At Allen Law, we have attorneys that are highly experienced in the legal aspects of spinal cord injuries. With us, you can be sure of reliable and affordable legal representation. Call us now at (843) 882-5005.

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Common Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

There are many forms of spinal cord injuries, but if you or your loved one have sustained a spinal cord injury, it is likely to be one of the following:

  • Complete Spinal Cord Injury: This is the most severe form of spinal cord injury. It involves the total loss of motor and sensory function in the affected part of your body. Common symptoms include the inability to move or feel anything in that part of the body.
  • Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury: In this type of spinal cord injury, the victim loses some functions in the affected area. For instance, you can feel a sensation but cannot use the affected body limb. Similarly, your legs might be paralyzed, but they can still feel pain, cold, heat, and other sensations.

Generally, the severity of a spinal cord injury depends on where you sustained the injury along the spinal column. The parts of the body below a particular point of the column will be affected after the injury. The higher the location, the more severe the injury will be in nearly all cases.

How Spinal Cord Injuries Impact Your Life

As mentioned earlier, spinal cord injuries are life-changing. Catastrophic spinal cord injuries could affect your mobility and completely change your life. Here are some of the ways such injuries can impact your life:

  • Loss of Wages and Earning Ability: You will not be able to move from place to place in the same way you could before the injury. This means that you will likely lose the ability to work and earn a living in the same fashion as before.
  • Medical Expenses: Treating spinal cord injuries is costly. You and your family will have to spend a lot of money trying to manage the condition and recover from it. Medical expenses are often a factor when calculating damages in a spinal cord injury lawsuit.
  • Physical Pain and Suffering: Such injuries often cause significant pain and suffering. These damages should be compensated, especially if another person's carelessness or negligence caused the injury.

How Can a Charleston, South Carolina Spinal Cord Attorney Help?

If another party’s negligence has caused your spinal cord injury, the experienced Charleston personal injury lawyers at Allen Law will provide you with a wide range of legal services. Some of them include the following:

  • Investigation of the Case: An attorney will help determine how the injury occurred and who is liable for damages, including looking for images or videos of the accident or the area it occurred, talking with witnesses, and more.
  • Advise You on Legal Options: A spinal cord attorney will review and advise you on legal options, whether filing a personal injury lawsuit or filing a workers' compensation claim.
  • Connection with Experts: Attorneys work with experts in many industries. They can help you determine liability in your case and calculate the amount of compensation for lost income, past and future medical expenses, and loss of consortium, among other damages.

If you or your loved one has suffered spinal cord injuries in Charleston, let Allen Law help! Call (843) 882-5005 today to schedule your appointment.