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Were You Hurt in an Underride Truck Accident in Charleston?

Large commercial trucks are required to be equipped with underride guards. If the truck was not equipped as mandated, or installed the guards too high, or that failed to meet regulations regarding size, strength, and impact resistance, the evidence for an injury claim will include that evidence. At Allen Law, we focus on significant injury claims, including underride truck accidents. Attorney Allen takes on a limited number of cases and works one-on-one with his clients. If you or a loved one has been injured in an underride truck accident in Charleston, the success of your claim will, in large part, be the direct result of the skills and experience of your attorney.

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Charleston Underride Truck Accident with Serious or Fatal Injuries

A truck underride is one of the deadliest of all types of commercial truck accidents. This involves a smaller vehicle (typically a passenger vehicle) hitting a large commercial truck, and with the force of speed, sliding underneath the truck. This situation leads to the top portion of the smaller vehicle being sheared off, often decapitating, or fatally wounding the car operator and passengers. It is rare for a person to survive an underride collision, but when survival is possible, it often means months, years, or the need for a lifetime of medical care and treatment.

Causes of Truck Underride Accidents

A truck underride can be on the side, or rear of the truck. When a truck driver is turning onto another street and is then an oncoming driver is unable to stop in time, with the vehicle sliding under the truck trailer. When from the rear, a vehicle operator may slam into the rear of a semi-truck moving slowly in the lane, parked on the shoulder, or stopped, that is difficult to see due to being poorly marked. If the weather is poor and the roadway slick, it can precipitate one of these deadly accidents.

Types of Injuries in an Underride Collision

The injuries sustained in an underride collision are usually very serious, catastrophic, or fatal. Common injuries include:

  • TBI: TBI or “traumatic brain injuries” are often sustained when the upper portion of the vehicle slides beneath the truck.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis can occur when the person’s body is impacted when sliding under a tractor trailer.
  • Amputations: The impact may have left the injured person missing a hand, arm, or other limb, whether it was severed at the time of the accident or had to be amputated later if crushed or irreparably damaged.
  • Internal injuries: The impact can crush the bodies in the vehicle, leading to serious internal injuries, internal bleeding, and organ damage.

Injuries and Loss of Life in Underride Accidents

If you have lost a loved one in a Charleston underride truck accident, it is a tragedy that affects the family forever, emotionally, financially, and personally. When another party, such as the truck driver, trucking firm, truck manufacturer, or parts manufacturer was responsible for the accident, the close family can file a wrongful death claim. In cases of serious or catastrophic injuries, a personal injury claim can be initiated by your attorney. These cases are typically complex, and it is imperative that you have the support of a talented lawyer who can navigate the process professionally and who will vigorously protect your right to the compensation you deserve.

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